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    Katie Brennan is an art consultant, artist, educator and creative entrepreneur who sees things a little differently. With a BFA and a MFA under her belt, Katie has years of experience of looking at the art world, art education and how to be an artist from all sides. She offers enthusiastic and hopeful advice and tools for artists and organizations who are tired of trying to do things the right way, and are looking for a better way to work, and become the artists or organizations they have always been meant to be.

    Katie Brennan

    Artist & Art Consultant

    Katie Brennan


#AMAMONDAY Questions & Answer Vault


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    • Ask Me A Question!
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    • Q: I don’t know what to do right now. FREE PREVIEW
    • Q: How do I be a part of the art world? A: Um...which one?
    • Q: If I sell well on Instagram, does that mean I can get a gallery then?
    • Q: Why art school doesn’t teach you about business?
    • Q: What if I forget to put a label on my work?
    • Q: What should I focus on for 2020?
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    • Who do you make your art for?
    • Q: What is your take on taking breaks, and do you have some tips on how to go about it in a way that won't hinder my business too much?
    • Q: Is it possible to navigate a career in art licensing and not feel like I’m contributing to mass market consumer culture?
    • Q: Will licensing my art detract from the value of my artwork?
    • Q: I’m feeling lost in my art, which hasn’t really ever happened before. What do I do? How do I fix it?
    • Q: How do I draw a tree? (aka how do I make my art a business?)
    • Q: What do you think about the big convention style shows like “Art Vancouver” and similar interior design shows?
    • Q: Is anyone out there paying any attention to what I'm doing?
    • Q: When is taking a break the best way to keep making art?
    • Q: How can you make art that you’re proud of?
    • Q: Am I selling out if I license my art?
    • What is the difference between a giclee and a digital print?
    • Q: What if you didn’t go to art school?
    • Q: How do I get into the art world? How do I make it there?
    • Q: How do I show up consistently, while also honouring my need to be free and fluid?
    • Q: What do you say to yourself to keep yourself going? FREE PREVIEW
    • Q: Had a big painting day. It feels like I just have body work and a therapy session all in one. Does this ever happen to you?
    • Q: If someone says "I want to go forward with you for this project", would it be appropriate for me to then send them a contract?
    • Q: What makes a good exhibition proposal? And why do exhibition proposals even exist?
    • Q: How do you go about looking for and making your own exhibition opportunities, especially for big paintings?
    • Q: What should I put on the ABOUT page of my website?
    • Q: I'm getting my art scanned. The scanning place said they can do 600Dpi. Is this enough and how do I know the pixels?
    • Q: What are some of the most common mistakes emerging artists make when it comes to pricing? FREE PREVIEW
    • LIVE Q&A - Lots of Q's, including: What don't artists know that I wish they did? What is art consulting? Should I do a MFA?
    • Q: I have a company who wants to purchase my paintings then reproduce them for their stores - do you have any suggestions?
    • Q: What info is best to keep about clients ( and why) without trying to track everything and getting overly complicated and clunky.
    • Q: What do you do with art that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your work?
    • Q: When should / can an artist ask for an artist fee? When invited to exhibit or when they propose to?
    • Q: How do I work with multiple art licensors at once and still honour their requests to not double pitch your work for the same projects?
    • Q: I’m looking for some advice on starting my own prints. What should my first move be?
    • Q: Apart from grants (which always feel like applying for the lottery :) do you have any ideas of where / how to get financial support for making art or exhibiting?
    • Q: Do you have suggestions about how to find the right fit for galleries to approach, especially if you are looking beyond your own community?
    • Q: What is the single most impactful habit or routine that you've used to create a consistent daily art practice?
    • Q: I have a handful of great licensing relationships, but I’d love to start one or two more - what is the best way to find some good companies?
    • Q: How can I approach the industry as an artist lacking the experience and track record, but natural authentic and inspired creative with a versatile and provocative perception of projecting my world?
    • Q: What is the best strategy for hanging/displaying art that are in all different color groups. Do I keep like colors together or just start hanging?? Mainly referring to smaller spaces like a craft fair.
    • Q: How do I learn more about entering the art licensing world? What would be the first steps I should take?
    • Q: Do you have recommendations about best practices for approaching curators with exhibition proposals, or simply to introduce your work?
    • Q: What are gallerists looking for in the artists they choose to work with and represent?


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