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Show Your Art - Part II: Across Canada

Now you know which kind of exhibition opportunities are right for you, but how do you actually find them? 

In Part II of Show Your Art, you’ll get the tools you'll need to find galleries ANYWHERE IN CANADA that are the perfect fit for your work. 

You’ll also learn about what hoops you’ll need to jump through for each kind of exhibition opportunity, which opportunities you’re the best fit for, and the one kind of exhibition opportunity you will have a 100% success rate with -- guaranteed! 

Let me give you my Pro Tips for finding the right galleries for you, anywhere in Canada. And what it’s really going to take to get your work shown there.

From Katie:

Sorry, I know that sounds scary. But really, once you’ve taken this course, it won’t be. 

I’ll help you see galleries from the other side. Why they operate how they do. And how to work with them in a way that is simple and easy.

Remember, they need you, right? They can’t run without you. They NEED artists.

You'll learn:

  • What Kind of Artist You Are

  • The Clues to Look For To Learn What Kind of Gallery You’re Looking At

  • The Number 1 Thing Every Artist Must Have To Show Their Work At Galleries

  • The One GUARANTEED Exhibition Opportunity You Don't Want to Miss Out On

  • And last, but not least...HOW THE MONEY WORKS

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Katie Brennan is an art consultant, artist, educator and creative entrepreneur who sees things a little differently. With a BFA and a MFA under her belt, Katie has years of experience of looking at the art world, art education and how to be an artist from all sides. She offers enthusiastic and hopeful advice and tools for artists and organizations who are tired of trying to do things the right way, and are looking for a better way to work, and become the artists or organizations they have always been meant to be.

    Katie Brennan

    Artist & Art Consultant

    Katie Brennan

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