This is not some fancy MASTER INSTAGRAM NOW class.


This one is for every artist who has ever asked me:

Should I be on Instagram?

And my answer is 100% YES! 

it’s practically free!

It’s so minimal...

What is the first thing you do when you see some artwork or artist that you like?

Ask yourself:

You look them up on Instagram!

So, all I want to do is help people be able to find you there

….by the doing the absolute minimum. 


the absolute minimum that will actually get you results.

Think of this as taking me for coffee and picking my brain.

And the cost?

These are my short and sweet takes on:

  • What should your username be?

  • How many images do you really need?

  • What should you post?

  • What about your website?

  • Are you exotic or are you local?

  • How often should I post?

Come and have coffee with me!

That’s it.

This Course is Great For:

  • Artists NOT YET on Instagram

    Been hearing about Instagram for ages and haven't been ready to take the plunge? Well, here's a nice, simple and easy way to make an account and not let Instagram take over your life!

  • Artists on Instagram who want to make it easier

    Feeling pressured to keep up with Instagram? TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF with the Minimalist Approach!

  • Artists on Instagram who'd like to learn a few new tricks

    Want a few easy tweaks to make Instagram work even better for you? This workshop is for you too! It's a great overview with some really good new tricks and some other timely reminders.

And it's only...